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Angels for Angeles

   Studio album by Matt Dahan

   © Waiting For Gravity Music, LLC

  1. Angels for Angeles (Suite)

    1. After The Drought, Part I

    2. Cardboard Carrier

    3. Frank (I Hear It Never Rains In California)

    4. Loud

    5. Tell Me

    6. After The Drought, Part II

  2. Tiger in a Tropical Storm

  3. Maybe (For The First Time)

  4. Ship of Theseus

  5. I Shot An Arrow Into The Air

Written, performed, and produced by Matt Dahan

Recorded at

   Third Room Studios (West), Los Angeles CA

   Igloo Music, Burbank CA

Additional engineering by Nicholai Baxter

Album artwork by Anna Maria Gomez Sanclamente

Additional Musicians on Angels for Angeles (Suite)

   Vocals: Mary Bonney

   Guitars: Nicholai Baxter, Andrew DeBenedictis

   Chorus: Jenna Bach, Will Cady, Elise Christine, Andrew DeBenedictis,

      Anna Maria Gomez Sanclamente, Rachelle Hadley, Renee Hadley,

      Drew Krassowski, Matt Koelsh, Jillian Michelle, and Lilith Crane

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