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Pulp Musicals - Episode 1:

The Great Moon Hoax

   Music and Lyrics by Matt Dahan

   © Waiting For Gravity Music, LLC

  1. Planet Earth, 1835

  2. The Stratford Family Paper Stand

  3. More Than This

  4. A Penny

  5. Great Astronomical Discoveries, Part 1

  6. Print It Anyway

  7. Is It True? / It's a Hoax!

  8. Belief

  9. Great Astronomical Discoveries, Part 2

  10. Is It True? (Reprise)

  11. New Eden

  12. Margaret and the Moon

  13. Samuel and the Sun

  14. Nothing Can Stop the Sun

  15. Behind Me

  16. Before the Storm

  17. It's a Hoax! (Reprise) / Carry On

  18. Great Astronomical Discoveries, Part 3

  19. President Chester Thomas

  20. Benjamin's Apartment / The Radiance

  21. John's Choice

  22. Between and Beyond

  23. On the Roof

  24. To Be Continued...

Vocals by James Tolbert, Mariah Rose Faith, Curt Mega, Natalie Llerena,

   Tony Gonzalez, Amanda Walter, and Matt Dahan.

Recorded at

   Third Room Studios, Los Angeles CA

Album artwork by Jackie Franco

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